Hidden Gem Places That No One Told You
Around Feng Chia

Feng Chia Night Market is known for its nightlife. Located next to Feng Chia University, you can already smell their wonderful street food through your nostrils.

Not only will we take you to the undiscovered places by tourists, but also we will bring you to a whole different experience through the local people’s eyes and taste.

We ensure you have delightful eating, drinking, strolling, and shopping time with us, so be sure to stick to this page and read for more about hidden gems in Feng Chia Night Market.





Xue Jia Wheel Cake

Chicken Chop


Heartache Gachapon Shop



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Polite Outfit


Ice Hot Tang Yuan


Xue Jia Wheel Cake (學甲人車輪餅)

No. 203之2號, Wenhua Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407


Wheel cakes are named after their round shape that is similar to those of the wheels. It is similar to a waffle with feelings inside. Some stores sell savory feelings and some sell sweet feelings as a dessert. The store here only sells sweet feelings. They have 6 flavors ranging from red bean, white cream, taro, white radish, peanut, and chocolate.

As a foreigner myself, wheel cake is something that is very close to my heart. This is because wheel cake is very Taiwanese but feels close to home. In Indonesia, we have nothing like the wheel cake but somehow the taste is very familiar.It is similar to that of a custard pie that also uses custard as its feeling. Many other countries also use custard and chocolate for dessert’s feeling so it is very familiar to us foreigners.

In Xue Jia Wheel Cake, they have 6 flavors ranging from red bean, white cream, taro, white radish, peanut and chocolate. What makes Xue Jia Wheel cake so special from other wheel cake in Taiwan? Well, the outer cake is very crispy and have a hint of sesame fragrance. The grandpa also gives a lot of filling so it is very warm and have a burst of flavor when we bite into it. Yes, when I say Grandpa I mean the old men who own Xue Jia Wheel Cake. He is very nice even to foreigners. I remember my own experience buying in my early days in Taiwan when I can only speak little to no Chinese but the grandpa still serves me patiently.

The price in Xue Jia is also the cheapest among other wheel cakes in Feng Chia. Usually it ranges around 19ntd to 25ntd but Xue Jia only sell from 10ntd to 13ntd. Most foreigners do not know about this place because it is not located in the main area of the night market. It is in the opposite direction of the night market. I also know this place from a Taiwanese friend when I used to live in the Feng Chia dormitory. This shop is in a way with Feng Chia dormitory so you can buy it when you want to go home to the dorm.

以我作為一個外國人的角度來說,車輪餅是我非常熟悉的東西。這是因為雖然車輪餅是非常地道的台灣料理,但對我來說卻有著家的感覺。在印度尼西亞,我們沒有像車輪餅那樣的東西,但不知為何,它的味道讓我對他感到非常熟悉 。


在逢甲的車輪餅中,學甲人車輪餅的價格也是最便宜的。通常一般店家的價格範圍是在 19ntd 到 25ntd 左右,但學甲人只賣 10ntd 到 13ntd。大多數外國人不知道這個地方,因為它不在夜市的主要區域。它與夜市相反。以前住在逢甲宿舍的時候也是通過台灣朋友的介紹才知道這一家店的。

Chicken Chop All Around the World

No. 38, Lane 20, Fengjia Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407

There are so many places to eat in the night market but I must introduce you to this chicken chop place. It is called Chicken Chop All Around The World. Why this name? Well, the name explains itself. They have chicken dishes cooked based on many different countries. For example, they have the Korean Chicken cooked with that thick Gojujjang sauce (red sauce) that is the signature for Korean Chicken. They also have Thailand, Japan, and many other countries’ chicken cuisine.

The price is also very affordable for students. It ranges from 50Ntd to 100Ntd. The most important thing is that they always give a lot of sauce to their chicken. The chicken itself is very juicy and the outer layer is very crispy and fragrant. For the Taiwanese chicken chop I must say it is a flavor bomb because they deep fried it first and then they grilled it with the sauce. I love to eat their chicken because it is very filling. I usually eat it with rice or noodles if I am craving carbs. Another specialty of this chicken chop place is that it opens in hours that many other shops are closed. It opens from 3:30PM–1AM. You can also order it on Uber Eats with the same name (全國大腿排).

This chicken chop is very popular among the locals, and I personally love it because I can eat it when I miss home. Some days when I feel like eating other countries’ chicken, I always go for all around the world chicken chop. I know this place also from the recommendation of my Taiwanese friend that said that this is a hidden gem I must try.

It is a shame that not many foreigners know about this place because when you search in Google for the most popular Chicken Chop, it will show the Devil’s Chicken or Angel’s Chicken. I suggest this place if you want to eat something comforting when you are homesick or you want a taste of how chicken in other countries taste like.


這家雞排店非常特別,因為它們有很多種口味。 對於學生來說,價格也非常實惠。 最重要的是 雞肉本身非常多汁,外層非常香脆。

我喜歡吃他們的雞肉,因為它很厚。 如果我想吃碳水化合物,我通常會配飯或麵一起吃。 這家雞排店的另一個特色是它的營業時間,在其他店關門後還是有營業。營業時間下午 3:30 至凌晨 1 點。 你也可以在 Uber Eats 上點她們的餐點(全國大腿排)。

這個雞排在當地人中很受歡迎,我個人很喜歡它,因為我想回家的時候可以順便去吃。 有時候想吃雞排的時候,總會去吃這家全國雞排。 我也是從我的台灣朋友的推薦中知道這個地方的,他說這是我必須嘗的隱藏美食。

Yu Pin Yuan Tangyuan(冰火湯圓)

No. 2號, Lane 127, Wenhua Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407

Tangyuan is a traditional Chinese dessert made of glutinous rice flour served in soup. The name of tāngyuán is a metaphor from 團圓 tuányuán which means family reunion. For your information, tangyuan and mochi are quite similar but actually are served in different ways. Mochi is usually eaten dry but tang yuan has to be served with soup.

Tangyuan balls can be either small or large and filled or unfilled. In Indonesia, we have a similar dish named ‘ronde’ and is usually served with ginger soup and peanuts. However, this particular shop served tangyuan with their own unique creation. Why unique? Just look at the name, Bing huo means ice and fire which means that they serve the hot tangyuan above the ice.

As you can see in the menu, they have two main fillings which are peanuts and black sesame. Tangyuan also can be eaten with shaved ice or hot soup combined with their signature osmanthus syrup. The price range starts from 70-100NT$. Disclaimer that this tangyuan is not vegetarian friendly because it contains pork skin, Also if you have an allergy to peanuts, you can order the black sesame instead.

Another thing you should try is their fermented rice soup. Their fermented rice soup is also popular among Taiwanese people, especially older people. Sometimes, when the weather gets colder, a lot of people would order their fermented rice soup and egg to warm their bodies. Fermented rice soup not only tastes good but is also good for your health because it can act as an anti-inflammatory for your skin, cure digestion problems, and also help women to reduce menstrual cramps. However, I wouldn’t recommend people who drive to consume it because it contains alcohol.

This is also a great place for young people or families who want to sit and have a chit-chat because there is no time or order limitation plus their opening hours start from 5 pm-12 am. You are also allowed to bring food or snacks from outside.

This dessert is mostly consumed during the lantern festival and winter solstice. Another fun fact about consuming tangyuan during the winter solstice is that you shouldn’t eat an odd number of tangyuan because it will lead to frequent loneliness in the coming year. I often go there for their shaved iced tangyuan, it is rich in flavors, mainly sweet.

Not only that, but this place also provides a free refill of osmanthus syrup and lemon juice to add to your tangyuan. I really recommend this place for you because even though they are quite popular among Taiwanese, not a lot of foreigners come here to visit. This is more than the mochi you know. Definitely worth it.

湯圓是一種傳統的中國甜點,用糯米粉做成湯。湯圓球可大可小,裡面可以放餡料,也可不放。在我的家鄉印度尼西亞,我們有一道類似的菜餚叫 “ronde”,它通常會配上薑湯和花生。然而,這家特別的店以自己獨特的創作呈現出一種新的湯圓的吃法。


您可以嘗試的他們的發酵米湯。他們的發酵米湯在台灣人中也很受歡迎,尤其是老年人。當天氣變冷時,很多人會點他們的發酵米湯和雞蛋來溫暖他們的身體。但是,我不建議開車的人食用它,因為它含有酒精。對於想要坐下來聊天的年輕人或家庭來說,這也是一個很好的地方,因為沒有時間或訂單限制,而且他們的營業時間是從下午 5 點到凌晨 12 點。您也可以從外面帶食物或零食來到店面享用。

他的價格範圍從 70-100NT$ 起。這種甜點主要在元宵節和冬至期間食用。湯圓的名字也是團圓 tuányuán 的比喻,意思是家庭團聚。我經常去那裡吃他們的刨冰湯圓,味道很豐富,主要是甜的。


Heartache Capsule Toy


Some people might be wondering about that why the name of the shop called ”The Heartache Gachapon ”. This is due too if you go to that shop , you will find out that there is a special Gachapon machine named “The Heartache Gachapon Machine”. There is a notice on that machine said that be prepared to be heartache/heartbreaking after you dropped your money. After u open your Gachapon, you will only get a note that write “The biggest pain in your life path is you get nothing from a Gachapon”. The reason of the owner to set up a prank like this is just because we wanted to fill up those empty machine before the new Gachapon arrive. The owner also said that because it just a prank, if the customer want its money back, the owner will like to return the money to them too.

Besides that , the shop not only have those prank machine, the others Gachapon are usually imported from japan and some of it are from the local designer in Taiwan. They also prepared a lot of blind box of different theme for those people who like surprise to buy it. The quality of its product its really good and it looks exquisite.




MENmonster Ramen
MENmonster 拉麵


I’m highly recommended that this ramen shop if u haven’t try it before. It’s a very special ramen shop compare to others ramen shop. It located at a alley besides Fengchia night market . First for all, the environment of the shop its really good, the seat is bar table that surround the kitchen, so that u could saw the process of how the owner prepare your food. By the way, they are also using electronic kitchen facilities so that is more safety and they can also avoid those oily smoke problems .

Furthermore, the menu are totally different from the others ramen shop you could found. Spices braised prawn ramen, Salted grapefruit citrus chicken soup ramen……………etc. You also can select the saltiness of the soup and the hardness of the noodle. I order comprehensive spices ramen with the Japanese saltiness which is more salty and also the normal hardness of the noodle last time. When the ramen was serve , I can smell the aroma of the of spices, when I taste the broth, the flavor that combine several types of spices explode in mouth, it make me want to keep going with that ramen; the noodles are just perfect good, the texture of the chicken and pork inside the ramen is soft, the flavor is really good; By the way, you must try the half boiled egg too, it’s a great combination with the ramen. You could also ask the owner refill your noodle or rice for free if you are not full enough.



polite outfit

Let me introduce the owner of this shop first

The owner of this store graduated from the Department of Radio and Television of National Taiwan University Of Art, but the reason why he opened this clothing store is because when he was in college, he originally liked to wear different styles of clothes, so he also wanted to help students try different styles.That’s why he decided to open this clothing store near Feng Chia University

And the reason why I recommend this shop is because I like the owner’s idea : “dress up as you like, and be a polite person.” Respecting your’s dress is also a kind of etiquette. The second point is that their products are cheap and beautiful! In addition to vintage clothes, the owner will also choose some second-hand good-looking clothes for people who may want to try on but can’t afford new clothes.


And I think the most interesting part of this clothing store is that the owner of this store will help you match the clothes. you can choose the type or color of the clothes you like, and then he will according to your body shape and personal characteristics. Set of clothes for you.





Yanjie Pang 彭彥潔

Devina Aprillya 施玟雅

Jackquline Vivi 吳彩麗

Ryan 鐘榮哲