About us


Welcome to this travel- and culture-sharing website dedicated to Taichung City, with a focus on the Xitun District.
Our mission is to promote the local tourism through different channels, including organizing regular tourist consulting services, constructing bilingual travel webpages, and designing (and hopefully, in the future, offering) multilingual guided tours for local and international travelers planning to visit our neighborhood.


The travel information shared on this website is mainly designed by our students at the Feng Chia University. They are/were either enrolled in “English for Tour Guides” course (starting from year 2021) or part of the Foreign Language Center Volunteer Team.


This website has been made possible thanks to the Center for University Social Responsibility, Ministry of Education in Taiwan. Furthermore, our sincere appreciation also goes to the Feng Chia Night Market Management Committee, the USR Hub and the General Education Center at Feng Chia University.


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